1. What sort of music do you guys play?

Good question. Here’s a list of most of the songs we’ve ever played live.

2. Where in blazes did the name “Johnson County Sheriffs” come from?

“Johnson County Sheriff” is a lyric we borrowed from one of our favorite tunes, Steve Earle‘s Copperhead Road. The verse in question goes like so: “Now daddy ran whiskey in a big block Dodge, bought it at an auction at the Mason’s lodge; Johnson County Sheriff painted on the side, just shot a coat of primer then he looked inside . . . “.

3. Can you guys play (insert your favorite song here)?

Probably not. We’re a band, not a jukebox. We like to give you a hell of a show every time, so we usually play just about everything we know well enough to play live in the course of a show. So if you don’t hear it by the time we’re packing up, chances are we don’t know it. And stop yelling at us to play “Freebird.” It’s really not a very good song. If you want us to try and learn your favorite tune, send us an e-mail. While we’re flattered that you yell out songs to us during the show, chances are we’re not going to stop and learn your song on the spot. If you’re really desperate to hear something, writing your request on a $20.00 bill will go a long way.

4. What does “Appalachian Rock and Revue” mean?

Appalachian rock is a term we came up with to describe our music since we blend so many different styles. “Appalachian” so as not to scare off the old folks, and “Rock” so as not scare off the young folks. In our minds, our final product sounds like souped-up “mountain music.” As for the revue, that traditionally denotes a show involving skits, dance, music, and comedy. We’re bound to screw up some, which is almost always comical, and we sometimes tell a joke or two, so we figure we’re entitled to be a revue.

5. Why don’t you play any original music?

Because nobody wants to hear that crap. Our experience in other bands, as well as many, many nights in the audience, has taught us that people want to hear stuff they know. And besides, we can barely play as it is; we certainly can’t write music that’s worth a damn. Click here to see some of the tunes we play.

6. What other bands have the Sheriff’s been involved with?

Christian was the frontman for Charlottesville, VA’s now-defunct Unison Phester. Jeff played with (also now-defunct) Tucker’s Bed whilst at Hampden-Sydney College, and (you guessed it – defunct) Sacramento Blue in Richmond, VA. Kyle played bass and guitar in Unison Phester with Christian, and also for Charlottesville’s Green Envy and Diet Grover (and yes, they went the way of the dodo as well). Chances are, you’ve never heard of any of these bands. With good reason.

7. What kind of equipment do the Sheriffs use?

That’s a good question. One that requires a separate page, in fact.

8. Why do the Sheriffs play so darned infrequently these days?

Because we’re all married, busy, and geographically separated by about 2 hours. We use music as a regular excuse to get together, drink beer, and blow off steam, but it just doesn’t happen as often as it used to. That said, we still try to play at least 3 or 4 gigs a year. If you want a JCS show, let us know and we’ll try our best to give you one.