Monthly Archives: October 2001

October 12, 2001

We got ourselves a CD! That’s the big news. Now, Christian just wrote a very catchy news brief on that matter a few days ago, and when he discovers I’ve accidentally deleted it, I’m sure going to be hearing some grief about it. But anyhow, it’s my turn to write an update anyway, and it […]

October 10, 2001

Jeff thought he was gonna delete my newsbrief, but I think not:10 songs. We got 10 good songs. Recording this past weekend went very well. First, and most importantly, we’d like to thank Dave Speer of Middletown Studios for his expert assistance and the use of his fabulous set of equipment. (He does a mean […]

October 5, 2001

Howdy, sportsfans. We’re preparing for our weekend in the studio this weekend, and are darned excited about the potential results. We’re planning on 10-12 songs, but are prepared for the possibility that we may be lucky to do five. That’s recording for ya. This one is going to be intended as a demo, but if […]