Monthly Archives: May 2001

JCS @ Ben’s Whole Hog BBQ – May 30, 2001

If you missed the show at Ben’s from Friday night, you missed the best JCS show ever (in my humble opinion). It started off a little slow and the temperature was a wee-bit warm. I was about ready to pass out from the heat by the end of the first set. But we got some […]

May 25, 2001

Sorry it’s been over a week since we last posted, but well . . . I’ve been busy. Liz and I finally found a house, so congratulate us on that at the next show. And yes, that means you have to come. We’re moving right along . . . the last two weeks have brought […]

May 12, 2001

I’ll keep this one short. It’s technically Christian’s turn to do this, but he’s run off to the farm to work today (or so he says), so I’ll give the basics. We had a great show at Ben’s last night. The crowd (and thanks again to all of Liz’s friends who came out to see […]

JCS @ Durty Nelly’s – May 10, 2001

Last night we played our first show in Charlottesville at Durty Nelly’s Pub. I wouldn’t call it our best performance ever, but that certainly wasn’t for lack of support. We’d like to thank everyone who came out to see us last night — friends and family alike. I’m not to going to name everyone who […]