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Is that a new JCS website, John Wayne? Is this me?

So I’ve converted the JCS website to WordPress. Lots of cool features. Hopefully they’ll see the light of day. As of this posting, this is just a beta site. But I hope to convince the other two-thirds of the band that it’s worth a switch. We’ll see… k.

Old posts are now in the archives

Many thanks to Christian for posting all the old blog posts from 2001-2007 earlier. I’ve gone back and copied them all into the blog, so they’re all available from the archives menu. It’s hard to believe we’ve been at this gig for over eight years now! Hopefully we’ll still be around doing this for another […]

The blog is back…just in time for Obrigado!

Afternoon all! We’ve got the blog back online, but you know that if you’re reading this. We’ve been keeping busy, mostly wasting time in front of the computer… We’re on Facebook! We’re on Twitter! We’re not on MySpace anymore, because MySpace sucks. In actual music news, we’re going to be at Obrigado this Friday, January […]

On The Road Again

Seems like years since I’ve updated this website. (It has been). I’m pleased to report that we had an excellent show at Obrigado in Louisa back on September 14. Which has led to more gigs. We’re actually starting to feel like a real band again. At a most unusual time – Kyle recently had his […]

JCS @ Rapunzel’s – October 14, 2005

Well, in our humble opinion, the gig at Rapunzel’s this past weekend was outstanding. We played three sets for the good folks down in Lovingston, and it appeared to be very well received. One couple told us that they felt like they were at a Kingston Trio concert. I don’t think we’re anywhere near that […]

Gig update! Saturday, October 8, 2005 @ Rapunzel’s in Lovingston

Just a reminder of our upcoming Rapunzel’s date in Lovingston next month. Check the Gigs page for directions and details, or email us at

JCS News page going through changes

We’ve switched the Latest News page over to a Blog-based format. Hopefully this will help expedite updates.

JCS Website Update

In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a shiny new look to the website. This is what happens when my wife goes out of town for the weekend. I get bored and redesign websites. I’m such a nerd. Hope you like the new look.

Recording again!

New songs, new songs, new songs! That’s the order of the day “in the studio”. That’s right, we’re recording again. Our first attempt at recording practice went rather well. In addition to adding several new songs to the lineup, we managed to put a couple down on tape (well, digital tape via the computer). You […]

We’re back

There is life again at Johnson County Sheriffs dot com. After a (long) period of stagnation, we’re talking again about lining up some more gigs this spring and summer. There’s also a renewed interest in getting a short CD finalized to use as a demo and possibly to sell at live shows. Please e-mail if […]