On The Road Again

Seems like years since I’ve updated this website. (It has been). I’m pleased to report that we had an excellent show at Obrigado in Louisa back on September 14. Which has led to more gigs. We’re actually starting to feel like a real band again. At a most unusual time – Kyle recently had his first child and I recently had my second, and all the while, Christian continues to raise his little girl, run a farm, and in his spare time, work on his graduate degree. Despite the ever-increasing work on the homefronts, we’ve still managed to keep this thing together. We’ve had several impromptu shows at some most improbable locations recently, and were even invited to play a live radio show out in the mountains of Virginia. Alas, family obligations forced us to decline that opportunity, but we hope to perhaps capitalize on that goodwill another time soon.

We’re making our (hopefully triumphant) return to northern Virginia early next year with a gig at Molly’s Irish Pub in Warrenton. This has the potential to become a mainstay, so if you’re an old NOVA fan from the days at Ben’s Whole Hog, we’d love to see you come out for this show. We’re looking forward to a great time. And we’ve got another gig lined up at Obrigado again for the local crowd. We had a great first show there back in September with a standing-room-only full house. (So if you’re coming out to the next show, consider calling ahead to reserve a table for your party). And as always, we’re more than happy to entertain requests for private shows, so drop us a line.

Hope to see you soon, and thanks for supporting us! Schedule and links to the venues can be found on the Gigs page.