March 15, 2003

Hey folks…just a quick update for y’all. Since we haven’t played live in about a month now, we’ve spent our spare time practicing and are well on our way to adding nearly another set’s worth of music to the JCS repertoire. Look for new bluegrass and Celtic numbers at our next show, as well as some surprises from Queen, the Eagles, and others. Never a dull moment with us, you know.

We’re finalizing the first few tracks of our new live album as well, and six new cuts have taken shape thus far. We’re also taking a crack at recording practices since every once in a while we’ll pull something brilliant when no one is listening.
Lastly, we’re negotiating with two clubs in NoVA and one in the Cville area for spring JCS gigs. We’ve gotten a ton of fan recommendations, help, and support with lining up new NoVA gigs to replace Ben’s, and it’s appreciated. We’re looking forward to playing up that way again for you guys. Wherever we do get a gig, you better all be there so we get invited back. That’s about it for now. See you soon!