November 15th, 2002

Howdy all! Hope you had a wonderful Halloween and a good October. We sure did. A trip to the mountains and no gigs has left us feeling…umm…rejuvenated. Let’s see here…news. TJ of has worked unbelievably hard to record us at at least five shows, so we have quite a collection of live material to choose from. We plan to sit down and start remastering it this month, so look for a new CD around the holidays at some point. We’re pretty excited about it.

We hope everyone can make it out to Ben’s on December 7th. Let’s just say we’re gonna get a little early Christmas gift for our sound, and you’re gonna get a nice surprise. So c’mon and make plans to be there. Yeah, the schedule’s a little on the quiet side for the next month or so, but it’s the silly season and we’ve got plenty of other stuff to do. We’re sure you do too. See you at Ben’s on the 7th!