July 21, 2002

We’re sorry to announce that our bassist, Kyle Hall, has decided to leave the Johnson County Sheriffs. His last show was at Coupe DeVille’s on July 12th. Kyle has been with the Sheriffs since September 14, 2001, when he played his first gig at Ben’s Whole Hog BBQ. His departure is on the best of terms – he’s just decided that the band isn’t for him right now.

Despite his departure, we have nonetheless decided to continue the Johnson County Sheriffs as a two-man act for the present. We will not be canceling any shows from our calendar, and as always, we’re still very interested in new venues and bookings. Once we spend some time assessing our ability to play as a duo again, we’ll make a more formal decision about whether to continue on in that format, or consider adding a new member to the band. In the meantime, thanks for your support and we hope to see you at a show soon.