May 16, 2002

Good news all around for the Sheriff’s. Our monthly gig at Boudreau’s has been temporarily canceled (the new management is looking to pay some bills and they’re laying off the live music for awhile). How is that good news? Well, it inspired us to do what we should have done months ago and start looking for other gigs in Charlottesville! We’ve rounded up a couple already (believe me, it’s hard work driving around to all the bars in town in one night). We’ll be at Coupe DeVille’s on the Corner on May 28th, and Mike’s Bistro on July 9th. Of course, we’re continuing with our monthly show at Ben’s BBQ (first Saturday of every month) and the crowds are getting huge! Fiddle player extraordinaire Janessa Gans has joined us there for the last two shows (pictures coming soon), and will probably become a regular part of the show at Ben’s. So come check it out if you haven’t seen us there in awhile. We’ve also got a few other places in the works, and may even show up at a bluegrass festival this summer. So keep checking our schedule or join the mailing list so you can stay on top of our new and improved schedule! In other good news, both Kyle and Christian are the proud new owners of 12-string guitars that have been showing up at recent gigs. I just picked up (a gift from my parents) a new mandolin that will be appearing soon. And last but not least, I passed the Virginia bar exam and am now an officially licensed shark (but still unemployed, so keep looking for the tip jars at the shows). Cheers ~ Jeff!