March 25, 2002

Howdy there, sportsfans:
Well, we just got out of the “studio” this weekend, recording the perhaps-preliminary, perhaps-final takes for our second CD release. We’ve got it narrowed down to two titles for the album, regarding which we’ll keep you in suspense for a bit longer. Can’t have y’all runnin’ to the tabloids on us or anything. We’ve got a strong 13 tracks thus far, and the jury’s still out on whether or not we’re going to add more (read: whether or not we can find other stuff that sounds good enough to record. Just kidding..sort of). As far as tracks you’ll definitely hear, well, you’ll be left to your imagination for a bit longer on that one as well. Plenty of Irish, Bluegrass, comedy (is that a musical genre?), and other stuff shall abound, we promise. Look for the CD at a JCS show in your hometown soon. Many thanks to the George, Renee, and Leigh Goodwin for the use of the facilities at Oaksby for recording, and especially to Leigh for waiting on the band and also for the provisioning of some of the necessary recording equipment that your well-prepared Sheriffs had forgotten.

In other news, we’ve finally gotten our Boudreau’s (if you want some happenin’ inside scoop on the band, we shorten Boudreau’s to BDX in emails to each other to save time…don’t you feel super-cool just to know that?) schedule straight for April and May. We’ll be providing entertainment for your Cajun experience on April 5th and 12th, and again in May on the 17th and 31st. A bit off from our normal first and third Friday schedule, but hey, you gotta break up the monotony sometimes…it keeps you cool under fire, and stuff.

We’re resurrecting attempts to play some other gigs here in the Charlottesville/Richmond/surrounding areas. We’ve narrowed it down to a short list now (hell, it never was that long in the first place), but we’re always open to new ideas, so shoot us an email or scribble it down on a napkin at our next show if you’ve got a good sawdust strewn joint in mind, with peanut shells on the floor, that serves cold swill, and for which you think the Sheriffs would be perfect. (I’m imagining my English-teacher/uncle dissecting that run-on sentence now)
If you’ve been to a show lately, you’ll notice that the Sheriffs have gained the use of our legs. Why, you might ask..or perhaps you don’t care, or maybe you’re just pitifully unobservant. In any case, we played a show to a standing room only crowd up at Ben’s Barbecue a few weeks ago, and the place was so packed that we couldn’t get chairs in up front without sticking a guitar headstock up some nice patron’s..a..uhh..errr…armpit, which would have ticked ol’ Ben off and garnered us a speedy meat cleaver slung in our general direction. So, much to our chagrin, we rose to our feet. People cheered. We moved the chairs and started playing. Other than being frequently out of breath and feeling very much in the spotlight, we enjoyed it. And so we’ve decided to keep it that way. Hope you enjoy it.
That’s all for now.

See y’all at BDX next Friday…g.