March 7, 2002

We regret to inform you that our show tomorrow night (3/8) at Durty Nelly’s has been cancelled due to the extreme incompetence of the staff in charge of booking music. We were informed yesterday evening that “no music would be needed this Friday” for various reasons including the ACC basketball tournament, whatever that means, and that they had basically crossed us off the schedule without telling us. As you can tell, we’re more than a bit peeved (read: damned pissed off) at the late notice and the treatment we received from the staff member to whom we spoke. We’ve had run-ins with Nelly’s before, and this will be the last time we attempt to book a gig there. Our sincere apologies to any of you who were planning the trip to town to see us, but the matter is apparently out of our hands. If you want to call Nelly’s and give some good natured ribbing (read: give somebody an earful for being a real @$$hole), give ’em a call tonight at 434.295.1278 and tell them you’re real sorry that the 20 thirsty friends you were bringing to see the Sheriffs will have to find entertainment elsewhere in town.Anyway, we hope to see you at Boudreau’s next Friday night, and our apologies again for any inconvenience caused. Also, check out the site when you get a chance…we’ve put up some new pics and other modifications.

Signed, The Sheriffs