November 18, 2001

Just a few updates for you from the past week…the JCS will soon be playing a little closer to home. Our demo CD has made an impression on several local bar owners in and around C’ville who have decided to let us grace their establishments with our presence. So check back here frequently for gig updates on the beat page…There got to be so many news updates in our little window here that I had to move most of them to their own page. You can now find all the old news updates here…My new bass kicks ass! I’m pretty psyched to gig out with it, and I’ll get to do so sooner than expected. This Saturday the 24th was supposed to be just me and Goods doing an acoustic guitar duo at Ben’s. But it turns out Mr. Bennett will be able to join us after all. So come on out to Ben’s this Saturday at 7:30PM for the full-on JCS experience…That’s about it for this week. Take care, and we’ll see you when we see you.