October 12, 2001

We got ourselves a CD! That’s the big news. Now, Christian just wrote a very catchy news brief on that matter a few days ago, and when he discovers I’ve accidentally deleted it, I’m sure going to be hearing some grief about it. But anyhow, it’s my turn to write an update anyway, and it really was an accident. (We’ve started using new software to maintain the site, and I’m still learning to use it). So, sorry Christian. Enough of that.

We spent last Saturday night and the better part of the day Sunday recording a demo CD at Middletown Studios in Maryland, courtesy of Dave Speer. So a hearty thanks to him for putting us up, and putting up with us. (Kyle and I put the dog’s shock collar on and tried out the ol’ electric fence. It works, if you were wondering). Check out a few photos from the session on the Evidence page.

We managed to lay down 10 songs and we’ve spent this week mastering the disc and trying to make it sound decent. (It’s hard to capture the excitement of a live show in a basement sound room at 4:00am on Sunday, trust us). We’re hoping to be done with it this coming week and we can start handing it out to local bars and restaurants. So the Charlottesville gigs aren’t far off. Be sure and come to the next show and get yourself a copy of the first JCS recording!