October 10, 2001

Jeff thought he was gonna delete my newsbrief, but I think not:10 songs. We got 10 good songs. Recording this past weekend went very well. First, and most importantly, we’d like to thank Dave Speer of Middletown Studios for his expert assistance and the use of his fabulous set of equipment. (He does a mean Elvis impersonation too, so make sure you get him to sing/play the keyboard for you if you ever see him). The Sheriffs arrived on Saturday evening around 945pm, and we stayed up till 4am on Round 1 of recording. It took us about 2 hours to master the equipment and get used to everything, but then we were rolling. We got up around 10am on Sunday and went at it till around 6pm. We were pretty dog-tired for the three-hour drive home. However, a mid-drive stop at Dee Dee’s Family Restaurant (“Food’s so good it’ll make yer tongue slap yer brains out!”) made us laugh and revitalized us a bit. The master CD turned out pretty well, though we realized after we got home that night that we managed to forget to loop some of the effects back in when we laid the master mix. But that’s ok. We’re remastering them this week, and will be passing them out to local barowners as soon as we get that and the cover/jacket/CD design done. Also, since we think we’re high-tech badasses, we’ll be putting two or three tracks up on the site for you to download as MP3’s too. So keep coming back and checking and tell your friends. Our targets for gigs in Charlottesville and surrounding areas include: Boudreau’s, Mike’s Bistro, Coupe de Ville’s, O’Neill’s Pub, Durty Nellie’s Pub, Baja Bean. We’ve also got an eye on Laurel’s Cafe and the Dew Drop Inn in Scottsville. How could the Sheriffs resist a place with a name like the Dew Drop Inn, anyway? Hey, if you’ve got more ideas, keep ’em comin’. we’ll try anything once. OK…enough for now. Keep checking back; we’ll have those tunes up for you soon.