October 5, 2001

Howdy, sportsfans. We’re preparing for our weekend in the studio this weekend, and are darned excited about the potential results. We’re planning on 10-12 songs, but are prepared for the possibility that we may be lucky to do five. That’s recording for ya. This one is going to be intended as a demo, but if you’re nice to us, we may give you access to our stash of them at upcoming shows, and you’ll be able to take the Sheriffs home with ya. Well, kinda. Don’t think we’re gonna start taking warm showers with you or putting our hair up in curlers together or anything. Anyway, come see us and you might get a copy. After looking at the schedule, you’re probably noticing that we’ve got a slow October lined up, but that’s ok. Take a look at November through January. Ben got his claws in us early. We’ve already added five new songs, and I think that’ll be up to about ten by the time you see us next. We’ve all gotten cool new equipment too. Check out our gear page for pics of Kyle’s new Crate BX-80 amp, Jeff’s new Digitech RP-300 processor, and my new Trace Elliot TA100R Concert Amplifier. Hell, you’d think we’re actually making money or something. We’re not. Just doing our part to jumpstart the economy, right?Anyway, things are going well. We haven’t ruled out playing in October yet, and we’ve had some interested folks talk to us, but nothing in concrete yet. Kyle has acclimated perfectly to the band, and we’ve settled into a good rhythm, I think. We’ve actually got him hankering to play some Celtic stuff these days, so look out for that in the future. That’s enough for now. See y’all at the next show!