JCS @ Ben’s Whole Hog BBQ – September 19, 2001

Well, it never hurts to have a little extra law enforcement around, right? We played our first three-Sheriff gig this past Saturday up at Ben’s in Northern Virginia, and we realized the band is never gonna be the same. Kyle Hall stepped in, pulled up a mic, and played his first JCS show like he’d been with us all along. We had a great crowd at Ben’s, enthusiastic as usual, and Ben was in rare form. I think since we hadn’t been there in 2 months he just couldn’t contain himself. At one point we got a bit worried that he wasn’t going to be able to contain the pit fires, but he got everything under control, and the pork was fantastic as usual. The show started off strong from the first tune, and we threw some new ones in, including “Man of Constant Sorrow” and “Dear Abby.” The crowd seemed to appreciate it, and didn’t want us to leave; I think everybody needed a break from the past week’s events. Thanks to Kyle, we also hit some damn good three part harmonies (in this Sheriff’s humble opinion), so look for more vocal action up front in shows to come. We’ve got a busy September lined up; one more show at Ben’s, a wedding ceremony and reception, and a fraternity party will round out the month for us. October will hopefully bring more Charlottesville venues to our “beat”, so check back frequently and we’ll keep you up to date. Keep us in the loop if you’ve got an idea for a new venue for us. Also, be on the lookout for a CD of your favorite JCS tunes, as the Sheriffs are plotting a weekend in a studio soon. Take care and hope to see you at the next show!
Best, Christian