June 27, 2001

Thanks for checking back in! We had a great show at Durty Nelly’s last week, so look for more upcoming dates in Charlottesville. The management has promised us a regular Wednesday night gig a couple of times/month there, with the potential to move to a weekend soon. Maybe they’ll actually put us on the calendar this time. (insert sarcasm here).

In equipment news, I have gone into denial about the aforementioned pre-marital financial status, and bought a new guitar. You can thank Jeff for my impulse buy . . . that guy is a terrible influence on me, but I enjoy performing with him. Anyway, look for a new Guild DCE-1 with a Fishman preamp system on it in the hands of yours truly at our next show. I’m checking out other amps too since I’m tired of lugging that box of rocks I’m currently playing around. In debt but sounding good; what a great combination. Keep the tips coming. My cousin Josh is going to buy my Washburn, and hopefully we can get up on stage for a number or two sometime soon.
Jeff and I rolled out to a Bluegrass Festival in DC this past weekend and jammed for a while with people who are much better musicians than I am. It was a learning, if not humbling, experience, but we had a blast, and Jeff managed to break a table. Don’t ask. Only Jeff could manage to break a table at a Bluegrass festival where we were the youngest people there by a good 30 years. Anyway.

Keep telling your friends about us. And let us know if you have ideas of new venues for the Sheriffs to try out. We’ve got two private parties scheduled this summer and another in the works, and we’d love to play for you sometime too, so keep us in mind for birthdays, etc. Our next gig is at Ben’s Whole Hog on Friday July 13th from 7-whenever. We’ve added more new stuff for your enjoyment, including our first foray into a bit of rock n roll, JCS style. Bill Cabrera and Ron Goad may join us again, so look for another police-attracting good time. We hope to see you there!

Best, Christian