June 18, 2001

Hello again, and sorry for the delay in getting the website updated. We’ve had a couple of inquiries about set lists of our material. If you’re among the curious, go to The Beat and click on links to a past show, and that will take you to a set list of everything we played. We usually leave the set lists up for the most recent two or three shows we’ve played.

In other news, we’ve just had a great weekend playing one private party on Friday night and another great show at Ben’s BBQ on Saturday. A very special thanks to the entire Goodwin clan, and some assorted friends as well, that made the long haul up from Mineral, Virginia (and surrounding areas) for the show. It’s always great to see friendly faces, and Ben certainly loves it when we keep the kitchen and taps busy late into the evening. Another sincere thank you to Ron Goad and Bill Cabraera for joining us Saturday night on percussion and bass, respectively. They added a great deal to the show, and we hope they can do it more often with us.

The Johnson County Sheriffs almost got to meet the Prince William County Sheriffs at the last gig. Long about 10:30, the local boys in blue stopped by and requested that we turn things down a bit. Ben had all the windows and doors open, and we were enjoying the breeze. Anyhow . . . Ben’s calming demeanor (and meat cleaver?) got rid of the law and the show went on.

That’s about all the news for now. On last note — as most of you know, Christian and Liz are getting married on August 11th. As they prepare for the big day, the Johnson County Sheriffs are going to be taking a little time off. We don’t have much scheduled for the end of July and the beginning of August, but once the honeymoon is over and Christian is ready to get out of the house, we’ll be back in full swing. Bear with us while things get a little sparse, and later this fall we’ll be busier than ever and looking to get some new venues in Charlottesville and Richmond added to our calendar.

Cheers! –Jeff