JCS @ Ben’s Whole Hog BBQ – May 30, 2001

If you missed the show at Ben’s from Friday night, you missed the best JCS show ever (in my humble opinion). It started off a little slow and the temperature was a wee-bit warm. I was about ready to pass out from the heat by the end of the first set. But we got some doors opened, we cooled off, and music heated up after the break. As usual with Ben’s joint, we had a great crowd who seemed to be as enthusiastic about the show as we were. Everyone was in good spirits and Ben would not let us go home, so we were forced to play a third set (hey, you wouldn’t want him pointing a meat cleaver at you either). The third set was mostly experimental, but it turned out great and we got some new favorites to play at the next show. Amazingly enough, despite all the hard work we do to bring you great music, the crowd favorite of the night was the theme from the Dukes of Hazzard. Go figure.
We got some new gigs lined up — we’ll be back in Charlottesville twice more in June, and we’re even heading out to southwest Virginia in July to play a pub in Tazewell County for the authentic Appalachian folks. So we’re excited about a fun summer coming up. Hope to see y’all soon on the road. Cheers! — Jeff