May 25, 2001

Sorry it’s been over a week since we last posted, but well . . . I’ve been busy. Liz and I finally found a house, so congratulate us on that at the next show. And yes, that means you have to come.

We’re moving right along . . . the last two weeks have brought 10 more songs to our setlists, though we won’t promise you’ll hear them all. Depends on how drunk you get us. We had a practice out at Oaksby, my farm out in Bumpass this week, and it ended up being a private performance for Big George (my dad) and one of his buddies from high school. So that was damn fun . . . a two man audience makes you pay attention to detail. Especially when they were both around when most of our music was first recorded.

In case you haven’t read Jeff’s last posting yet, the show at Ben’s last friday was unbelievable. It seemed like everyone in the audience went wild over every song we played. Must have been something in the barbecue. We’re hoping for at least half as good a performance at our next show.

As far as Durty Nelly’s goes, we’re trying to get a gig there again. It seems that (amazingly) they really liked us, but the guy who schedules bands there has been gone for a week. So . . . you wanna do the Sheriffs a favor? Call up Durty Nelly’s and ask ’em when the Johnson County Sheriffs are playing again. That’ll help nudge ’em along. After all, that was probably the biggest Wednesday night crowd they ever had.

Let’s see . . . other news. Jeff got a new preamp for his Weber mandolin, so look for even better sounds from his side of the stage. I continue to limp along on my current setup, as I’m restricted to pre-marital budgeting.

Keep looking around for other places for us to play! Our good friend Bruce Russell has gotten us a gig at a pub down in Tazewell, VA, so be on the lookout for Southwest Virginia dates coming soon! We’re trying to play there one Saturday in July, but we’ll have to see.

OK . . . thank you for the continued support. Come see us at Ben’s this Friday! -Goods