May 12, 2001

I’ll keep this one short. It’s technically Christian’s turn to do this, but he’s run off to the farm to work today (or so he says), so I’ll give the basics. We had a great show at Ben’s last night. The crowd (and thanks again to all of Liz’s friends who came out to see us) was really into the show and we managed to keep the place (pretty) full right up until closing time. The best summation of last night’s gig comes from Ben, the proprietor of the Whole Hog himself: “I’m going to have to get the roofer out here tomorrow — you guys tore it off it the place.”

We also got a ton of requests that we haven’t forgotten about. Hopefully by the next Ben’s show (on Friday the 25th) we’ll be able to add a few of your requests to the line-up.

That’s it for now. Please take a look at the new pictures we just posted, and we hope to see you again soon! –Jeff