JCS @ Durty Nelly’s – May 10, 2001

Last night we played our first show in Charlottesville at Durty Nelly’s Pub. I wouldn’t call it our best performance ever, but that certainly wasn’t for lack of support. We’d like to thank everyone who came out to see us last night — friends and family alike. I’m not to going to name everyone who came out (because inevitably I’ll end up forgetting one person and then feel like a total jackass, and I’m not about to subject myself to that), but you know who you are, and we were grateful for all the friendly faces in the audience. Also, a tremendous thanks to Kevin for loaning us his equipment, running the sound system for us, and even changing a busted guitar string in the middle of the second set.

The show started off very poorly last night, in this Sheriff’s humble opinion. We were a little rushed setting up, and the joint was a little on the warm side, so my body temperature seemed to hover around 105 for most of the night. On top of that, it was tough to keep the instruments in tune in the heat. And last but not least, having never played with a full sound set-up like we did last night, we were having some trouble getting things tweaked just right. Fortunately my companion in crime was in great spirits, and was able to verify for me before each tune began which chords I should play, so I managed to rally and we pulled it together for a great second set.

As much as I hate to give up the limelight, the show was truly stolen when Kyle Hall, a former bandmate of Christian’s, good friend, Junior Deputy Sheriff, and all around swell guy joined us on stage for a blistering rendition of a Britney Spears tune. You think I’m kidding? Would I lie about Britney Spears?

So that’s the brief account. If you were there, again, thank you. If you missed the show, well, work on it. We certainly are. Hope to see you tomorrow night (!) back in the northern VA area for our regular gig at Ben’s BBQ.

Cheers! — Jeff