April 30, 2001

Thanks for coming back! We’re going to do our darndest to update this every week, so make sure you check back.

First, tell your friends about the site! The more the hit counter rolls, the more we’re gonna update and put new stuff in for you to enjoy. We promise to make you laugh, and I’m sure we can dig up more incriminating pictures to add to our “Evidence” locker.

The show at Ben’s went great yesterday. We were billed to play from 3pm to 5pm, but we ended up playing until about 7pm. The crowd was slow at first, but thanks to a bunch of invites by Liz, we had the place packed by dinnertime. We appreciate everybody showing up and supporting us; we had a lot of first timers out like Gary, Janet and Jack, Jeff’s brother Mike and his family, Kim and her friends (see the guestbook entry), Liz’s principal at school and her husband, and many, many more. Hope to see you all again at subsequent shows. Be there — it’s the law.

So . . . since we played roughly twice as long as we thought we would, we ended up playing a ton of songs for the first time that we’d never tried before. Ever. And some of them . . . shall we say . . . reflected our levels of practice. Or lack thereof. 🙂 But hey, we hope you guys enjoyed our vigorous attempts at Highway 40 Blues, Desperado, Pancho and Lefty, Looking Out My Back door, and many others. For you Deadheads in the audience, we’re gonna add Ripple. And for the fellas in the back that wanted John Prine, well . . . we’re gonna see about adding him too. Your local law enforcement can handle anything. We’ll try, anyway.

So, we’re going to try something new, starting right now. Each week, you guys need to come back and view the site. And now you have a reason. We got lots of requests for stuff yesterday that we couldn’t do. So now, we’re going to allow you to make requests, and you’ll actually have a good chance at hearing what you want. Just go to our guestbook and put up your favorites that you’d like the Sheriffs to play. We’ll pick your best three, or your best five, or maybe your best one, or whatever we want (cuz we’re the law), and we’ll learn them. And then we will play them for you. Perhaps badly, but we will play them. Now, keep your requests realistic if you want the Sheriffs to heed your desires. No Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5, or Jamiroquai, or the Lion King. Well, maybe the Lion King. Anyway, just make your requests, and then come to our next show to see the fruits of your desires and our labors.

That’s all for now. See you at Durty Nellie’s next Wednesday! — Christian